Brand: Android

Owned by: Google

Logo Designer: Irina Blok

Design brief:
“Create a robot inspired, universally identifiable, open source logo (very much like open source Android platform), that will be released to the developer community without regular brand guidelines. The logo should help people to form an emotional connection with the brand.”

Logo release: Circa 2007


Man, Woman, Restrooms, Android!

The inspiration for the Android logo was the pictograms of the universal man and woman that often appear on restroom doors.

Man, woman, android pictograms

The green color of the logo has a hex colour value of #A4C639 because it is a nostalgic code color, and it would stand out against dark background. Following is a mood board with all kinds of droids created by the designer, Irina Blok. She no longer works for Google.

Android mood board

How many robots do you know?

Forget about the Giant Robot, R2-D2 and WALL-E. How many robot logos do you actually know?

Instructables Logo logo

Old IconFinder Logo
Old logo

Cute and lovable

Linux Penguin and Hadoop Elephant are the other cute technology mascots (No, the ‘Firefox’ fox is not exactly cuddly). Millions of people are creating their own versions of the Android logo every day. And this is no small feat.

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