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sbi logo

State Bank of India

Sobha Developers

Brand: Sobha Developers Owned by: The Sobha Group Logo Designer: Unknown! Design brief: “The ratio of the ‘golden rectangle’ in mathematics, is one of the most desired proportions…

south Indian Bank logo

South Indian Bank

Brand: South Indian Bank Owned by: The South Indian Bank Limited Design: Unknown! Design brief: ‘In the erstwhile logo of the Bank, the unique picture is that of…


Brand: Sify Owned by: Sify Technologies Ltd. Design: Lopez Design Design brief: ‘The new logo is a reflection of Sify’s outlook and nature of business: a fresh, vibrant…


Brand: SurveyMonkey Owned by: SurveyMonkey Design: Peggy Riley and Hilary Duwe of pH7 Design brief: ‘We needed to maintain the personality of the original logo/brand, while creating a…

seagate logo


Brand: Seagate Owned by: Seagate Technology Design: Landor Design brief: ‘We turn on ideas. The logo is inspired by rotating media and represents ideas and information in motion….

sony music logo

Sony Music

Brand: Sony Music Owned by: Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (SMEI) under Sony Corporation of America Design: Unknown! Design brief: Not available. Logo release: January, 2009 Previous Logos: Is…

Sony Ericsson logo

Sony Ericsson

Brand: Sony Ericsson Owned by: Joint venture of Sony Corporation and Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. Design: Takuya Kawagoi, Sony Ericsson Art Director. Design brief: ‘The logo is both futuristic…