Idea behind the Chrome orb icon

Nowhere I have seen an explanation to the original Google Chrome 'orb' icon that was introduced in September, 2008. My assumptions are these:

  1. The orb like icon stands for a button that invites us to click on it.
  2. The orb icon appears as if it rotates in clockwise direction just like 'loading...' animation in web browsers. This gives out the perception of 'speed.'
  3. The colors -- green, yellow, red and blue are inherited from Google logo.

When I first saw this icon, two images came to my mind instantly.

wmp logo
Windows Media Player 11 icon

win security logo
Windows Security icon

Now, Chrome icon is simpler

I liked the evolution from a futuristic hi-fi orb icon to a more contemporary and simplified form. Although the new version looks flat compared with the original, on closer inspection, one can see the subtle highlights and shadows denoting a very friendly shape.

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